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Lungta Life - The Plans

The Plans

"The Plans" are first and foremost, open to change. Our current thought is to spend the first couple of months of 2017 sailing down to Panama and exploring the islands off the Pacific coast there.

But it probably won't be all fun and games. We need to haul the boat out to refresh the paint on the bottom, and Panama may be a good place to do that. We also hope to apply in advance for long-stay visas to French Polynesia, which would allow us to stay more than 3 months; this complicated process can take weeks - or sometimes months - to complete.

Once these chores are done, we'll head west across the Pacific, making our way through French Polynesia and whatever other island groups catch our fancy, in the general direction of New Zealand. After that our plans get so fuzzy that their (just kidding) not worth writing down.