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10-12-2011 – Long Beach, CA

Friday morning we got moving in a leisurely way, with waffles, strawberries and whipped cream.  We pulled the dinghy on board and left Sausalito/San Francisco.  It’s such a pretty city!  Passing under The Bridge was once again a moving experience.  … Continue reading

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10-3-2011 San Francisco, CA

We were all ready to leave Portland right after our party, but the weather gods were not in agreement.  Although the weather in Portland was beautiful, the first of the fall weather was brewing on the sea.  We ended up … Continue reading

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8-15-2011 Returning to Portland

It turns out that quite a few people have noticed that our postings have trailed off.  It’s good to know that we’re not just speaking into the void; thanks for the feedback!  Here’s a catch-up post, and we’ll try to … Continue reading

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