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Sharing This Life

One of the reasons we set sail was to search for a community in which we feel at home. Life feels richer when it is shared, particularly if it is shared with people that have a common perspective. We are looking for a few like-minded people to spend some time living with us and traveling with us. We would love it if we could build the sort of relationships that feel like family.

Lungta is big enough to carry six people in comfort. Are you interested in joining us?

You do NOT need to be a seasoned sailor, but you must be very comfortable in and on the water. It would be great if you knew in advance that you didn't develop debilitating seasickness at the first hint of motion.

You should enjoy adventure. Truthfully, this life isn't for the faint of heart; usually it's idyllic and tranquil, sometimes it's intensely exhilarating and sometimes it's terrifying, and if you live life fearfully you probably won't enjoy yourself much.

You should be enthusiastic about learning new things; this life is constantly presenting us with new opportunities to learn, from weather to world geography to languages to sea life to human psychology.

Very few days look like this...

You should be willing to contribute to the household, emotionally, physically and financially. We don't expect that you are already an expert sailor, but we do hope that you will help and learn how to set the sails, steer the boat, read the charts, cook the meals, and generally participate in the daily activities of living on this amazing boat, as one would in a family. We anticipate each individual contributing roughly $900 (US) per month for their share of food, fuel, boat maintenance and bureaucratic fees associated with entering and leaving countries. When we are underway for overnight passages we trade off watches, and we hope that everyone will take their turn.

You must be willing to live without a schedule. We don't usually have one. It should be obvious, but people are often surprised to learn that sailing doesn't lend itself to schedules. Sometimes the wind howls, sometimes it's a delicious little breeze and sometimes it's dead still. You get there when you get there and it's all good.

Most days look more like this

Lastly you should be in love with life, for all of its magic, convoluted and rarely anticipated twists and turns, ups and downs, glorious tranquil sunsets and terrifying storms. But how could you not be? Life is so rich and wonderous and, taken in its entirety, so achingly beautiful.