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We, Kathy Mitchell and Dan Finkelstein, live on a ferro-cement sailing ketch named Lungta. We left our jobs in Portland, Oregon in March of 2011 and have been sailing since. During our first year we sailed from Portland to Glacier Bay, Alaska via the Inside Passage, and then down the coast of the U.S. to Mexico. Mexico was a perfect place to learn to cruise, and although we initially planned to spend only one season there, we enjoyed it so much that we stayed almost four years, alternating between summers in the isolated Sea of Cortez under the Baja Peninsula and winters along the southern coast of the Mexican Gold Coast between Puerto Vallarta and Zihuatanejo. Hearing the rest of the world calling, we left Mexico in 2015. Even now, the allure of Mexico is still strong! We sailed south another 800 miles and came to rest again in El Salvador, where we had a mooring ball made just for Lungta, bought a car, and settled in for almost two years, during which we visited Guatemala and other parts of Central America and spent 10 weeks backpacking through South America. In 2018 we crossed the Pacific and have been luxuriating in French Polynesia since. The Tuamotu Archipelago is as closely akin to paradise as any place we have found.

If you'd like to follow our adventures take a look at our blog. If you are curious about this life or have any questions about cruising on the west coast of North/Central America or French Polynesia, you are welcome to email us at the email address above. We check our email way too often and will be happy to share our vast and painfully acquired expertise.

Lungta is large and seaworthy with room to comfortably house at least six people. If you would like to join in our adventures let us know. (Loving and adventurous souls looking for a life worth living, please inquire within.)

Apropos of nothing in particular, there is an expression in the cruising community that I like; 'All plans are written in the sand... at low tide'. Cruising on a sailboat requires that you internalize that message and that has made life richer and lighter.  Try it; you'll like it!