Her name, Lungta, is a Tibetan word which translates literally to 'wind horse'.  Although the literal meaning is appropriate, the name was chosen for its spiritual meaning in Tibetan Buddhism.  The 'wind' refers to the fundamental energy or goodness associated with existence, and the 'horse' aspect refers to the ability to harness this energy in our daily lives. It is also the Tibetan word used for prayer flags which, like our sails, also flap incessantly in the wind.   



Length Over All: 78'
Length on Deck: 60'
Draft: 9 '8"'
Beam: 18' 6"
Height off water: 68'
Displacement: 124,000 lbs
Water Capacity: 800 gallons
Diesel Capacity: 600 gallons
Engine: Rolls-Royce CN34, 170 HP
Rig: Staysail Ketch with Wishbone Boom
Designer: J. Benford

Builder: Herman Husen
Construction: ferrocement
Launched: December 1970 as "Harambee"
Constructed: Everett, Washington